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Before you use the EOS Online Subsystem plugin, you need to determine which license applies to you.

Licensing guide

You can use the interactive licensing guide below to help you determine whether you need to purchase EOS Online Subsystem on the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Do you need support for the EOS Online Subsystem plugin?

Marketplace edition terms

When you purchase the EOS Online Subsystem plugin on the Unreal Engine marketplace, the Unreal Engine Marketplace Terms of Service apply, and supersede any restrictions that are present in the free edition.

For your usage rights when you purchase the EOS Online Subsystem plugin, refer to the Unreal Engine Marketplace FAQ.

Free edition terms

Below is a human-readable summary of the free edition license, followed by the legal agreement you are bound by when you use the free edition.


  • Absolutely no support is included in the free edition. This means we can't help you diagnose issues, resolve bugs or implement features. This also means you can't access the support channel in the Discord.
  • The free edition requires attribution. You must include somewhere in your product (such as a license file or credits screen) that you are using the EOS Online Subsystem plugin.
  • The free edition does not include source code access. If you need access to the source code (whether to modify it or for debugging), you will need to purchase a license.
  • If you are an individual, you can't be earning more than $30,000 USD annually. We consider your aggregate salary you currently earn (even if you only started earning that salary recently).
  • If you are a company, the company must have an annual turnover less than $30,000 USD, and none of the companies employees or directors can be earning over $30,000 USD, whether that's a salary from the company or outside earnings.
  • If you are a plugin developer, you can not include parts of the EOS Online Subsystem plugin in your own plugin without binding your own customers to the same terms outlined here. This means that you can not distribute your plugin on the Marketplace, as the Marketplace Usage Rights and the free edition license restrictions are incompatible.
  • If your income circumstances change such that either you as an individual or as a company start earning above the threshold, you need to purchase a license to EOS Online Subsystem on the Marketplace.

License text

The license for the EOS Online Subsystem Free Edition is available at