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Example Projects

The Online Subsystem Blueprints plugin has several example projects that demonstrate how to use Online Subsystem Blueprints with any available online subsystem.


The example projects are intended to be a reference on how to use the plugin features from blueprints. You should not copy the example project assets into your own project. The assets inside the example project are not intended to be copied into another project, and you'll likely run into issues packaging. In addition, the example projects contain supporting infrastructure (like the *Task asset system) which is unnecessary in a real project and will overly complicate your implementation for no benefit.

Instead, you're expected to refer to the example project Bp*Task assets when you need to know how to implement certain functionality in your game. View how the example projects implement something, and then call the Online Subsystem Blueprints blueprint nodes directly in your own project for your particular use case.

Example project features

All of the available example projects are blueprint-only projects that demonstrates how to use the features of the plugin.

Currently the example project covers:

  • Logging users in
  • Session management (including creating, finding, joining and destroying sessions)
  • Connecting to game servers
  • Updating presence status
  • Parties, invites and friends
  • Looking up other users by ID or display name
  • Uploading stats
  • Viewing achievements
  • Viewing leaderboards
  • Lobbies
  • Displaying player avatars
  • Accessing files stored in User Cloud
  • Accessing files stored in Title File
  • Accessing Voice Chat

Please keep in mind that depending on which subsystem you use, various features may or may not be available at runtime. This is a limitation of each platform's implementation, and for most platforms, these implementations are maintained by Epic Games as part of the Unreal Engine source code. Online Subsystem Blueprints simply allows you to access functionality that is otherwise only accessible in C++; it does not implement any platform-specific functionality itself.

All of the example projects contain the exact same blueprint code, so you are able to use these example projects as a base and then switch to a different online subsystem later on, and all of the functionality in the project will continue to work as expected.

Downloading example projects

You can download the non-EOS example projects by cloning the repository from GitLab.

For each of these example projects, please check out the file located in each project for a guide on how to set up the subsystem. Some subsystems (such as Steam) require you to perform additional configuration before they will work.