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Accessing support

Support is available to clang-tidy for Unreal Engine customers who have a custom license. If you're currently using the Free Edition and would like to access support, please email [email protected] to arrange a custom license first.

For customers as of 22nd August 2022

If you have a current custom license, you can access support on Discord:

Open the support Discord channel

If you don't have permission to message in that channel, make sure you're signing into Discord with the same account you used to sign in on the License Manager.

For customers who purchased clang-tidy for Unreal Engine prior to 22nd August 2022

All self-service subscriptions have had auto-renewal cancelled in Stripe as of 22nd August 2022. You will continue to have access to the support channel until your subscription expires.

If you wish to continue accessing support beyond your current subscription period, please email [email protected] to arrange a custom license.